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To an Old boy at Welkom-Gimnasium
18 Jan 2017 - Rudolph and Elbè Cloete    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
Remember our motto: "When the going gets tough, the Though gets going". Best of luck for this important year!
Boplaas Wines
18 Jan 2017 - Boplaas    -    posted on: news   Three Boplaas stars in Hall of Fame
The Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve Port was included in the SA Hall of Fame. The Boplaas Cape Tawny, Boplaas Cape Vintage and Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve is in the Top 10 Port list.
17 Jan 2017 - Anton Smuts    -    posted on: news   Unity for excellence
Thank you Peter, much appreciated!
Great Start
17 Jan 2017 - Peter McAtamney    -    posted on: news   Unity for excellence
Well done on the appointment Anton. You'll achieve great things, I'm sure
Old review
15 Jan 2017 - Monika Elias    -    posted on: news   Free Download To South African Wine Tourism
This is an old press release and was published in 2014. In 2015 the publication was a free download. We are now in 2017 and the book is a paid for download. Apologies for your frustration. Regards Monika Publisher of the Wine Tourism Travel Guide
Not a free Download
15 Jan 2017 - Steven M    -    posted on: news   Free Download To South African Wine Tourism
Do not understand why the write up says download the guide for free in PDF when the website you are told to go to wants 230 ZAR
14 Jan 2017 - brent brandenburg    -    posted on: news   Journey's End reflects on a rewarding 2011
What a patronizing response! Our appointment was at 3 p.m. (15h00), not closing time, and we arrived right on time. And what, Mr. Gabb, did your "investigation" reveal? That your establishment does not honor appointments? As for the "clear trama" (your terminology) of our disgusting treatment by your organization, well, that is easily washed away by the warm reception we receive at countless other Western Cape wineries, hospitality that, based upon your smarmy "thank you," your sorry winery is a million miles from acquiring.
reply to John
14 Jan 2017 - Dave March    -    posted on: news   Bad Riesling and unleaded petrol
John, most winegrowers I spoke to said they seldom needed to as canopies were rarely vigorous growers before bloom or after veraison, so what foliage there was would be left to shade the fruit. Regions here differ widely, of course and in cooler, Riesling areas, canopy growth was naturally curtailed.
Response to query re Cape Wine Auction
14 Jan 2017 - Pippa Pringle    -    posted on: news   The success of the Cape Wine Auction lies in more than just a party
Good morning KGK Thank you for your comment and apologies for not responding sooner. I see that the website was published incorrectly and I've requested a correction to avoid further confusion. Herewith the link which will take you directly to the page with all of the details Refer to details all pertaining to 2017. Should you wish to receive a copy of the online catalogue please let me know and I'll arrange for this. Thank you for your support.
Auction catalog
13 Jan 2017 - Mike Ratcliffe     -    posted on: news   The success of the Cape Wine Auction lies in more than just a party
Dear KGK, Thank you for your comments on the above article with reference to your unanswered email and the webpage that is not working. On behalf of the organisers of the Cape wine auction, we have double checked the website and all appears to be in order. Also, all of the auction lots are clearly loaded on the website and can be viewed at any time. Also, if you had bought a ticket, you will receive a copy of the auction catalogue directly to your door. I would urge you to resend your email, as we have checked and simply cannot find it . All of our contact details including email and phone numbers are available on the website. Thank you so much for your support.
Cannot reach their page + unanswered email
13 Jan 2017 - Kgk    -    posted on: news   The success of the Cape Wine Auction lies in more than just a party
Know things are busy - but their web page is not working today and an email sent Mid Dec '16 asking for the catalogue of the items on auction remains until today unanswered. Such a prestigious event perhaps could have - several months in advance - a complete schedule and well documented listing [as is done by the CWG] . Perhaps members of the general public are not regarded as key stakeholders??
Good luck in finding a job when you're done!
13 Jan 2017 - Disillusioned aka Gatvol :(    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
And getting paid a decent salary
Once a Gimmie always a Gimmie!
12 Jan 2017 - Juffrou Z    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
So trots op jou Josh. You are doing what you love and loving what you do!
leaf pulling
12 Jan 2017 - john p kaiser    -    posted on: news   Bad Riesling and unleaded petrol
Have either of these growers ever experimented with pre bloom leaf pulling or stripping as they call it?
12 Jan 2017 - Christo en Leona    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
Ons wens jou baie sterkte toe, Josh, trots op jou
Good luck!
12 Jan 2017 - Douw-Steyn    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
Hoor hoor! Sterkte!!
11 Jan 2017 - Dave March    -    posted on: news   Bad Riesling and unleaded petrol
In a follow-up to this article I shall present some important research and look at it from a South African perspective; with responses from winemakers.
MCC production
10 Jan 2017 - Gloria    -    posted on: news   Bubbly for beginners: All you need to know about sparkling wine
Surely it is not correct that you bottle the base wine then add sugar and yeast. We add the sugar and yeast to the base wine, then bottle it to undergo the bottle fermentation.
5 Jan 2017 - Roland    -    posted on: news   Grande Provence launches first Amphora wine
The GP Amphora is an absolute triumph! The history and technic lend itself completely to the generosity and elegance of this wine.
Inconsistent Wine Tastings
2 Jan 2017 - Gerrit    -    posted on: news   Wine-tasting: it's junk science
Thank you very much. From wines we have been advocating this for years, that the best from the best are but mere people charading and that it is an inconsistent 'science' to judge wines by the taste of others. I have at times tasted wines from big commercial wineries and others which had double gold awards and various other accolades and then wondered how on earth could they pass the wine to consumers. And what frustrated me is that those wines were hiked in price boarding the unreasonable. Yet many a person walked in the "know-how" passing the wines as the best to be get based on the very questionable and now proven unreliable subjective observations by people who by the nature of humans cannot be consistent. Wines in itself are of immense complex character, changing in open air from hour to hour. Ignoring the human fragility and circumstances impacting on perception, wines cannot with genuine accuracy be hierargied. Thank you for airing for once the truth behind wine tastings. For too long the big players manupilated this fragile process to their benefit and to the detriment of real wine enjoyers.
30 Dec 2016 - Tanya du Plessis    -    posted on: news   Bellini launches in South Africa
Which bottle stores stick this??
22 Dec 2016 - peter bishop    -    posted on: news   Rutherglen Muscats and Ned Kelly
contact Oom Danie Grundlingh at Grundheim who not only met the old man at Rutherglen and tasted these wines , but also made some of his own, just outside Oudtshoorn.
Happy New Year Images
19 Dec 2016 - Ricky Malhotra    -    posted on: news   CPO and Nederburg New Year's Eve Magic
Thanks a lot for sharing this great article, I really appreciate the hard work you have put in. I will recommend your site to my friends for sure.
Dop System
12 Dec 2016 - Johan Hopkins    -    posted on: news   Tom Heinemann's Documentary - The Response From Wines Of South Africa
I challenge you to point out one farm where the dop system still excist!
Well Done Tshepang!!
9 Dec 2016 - Ingrid Graham     -    posted on: news   2016 Veritas Young Wine Writer announced
Congratulations on this wonderful achievement :)*
Congrats Tshepang!!
9 Dec 2016 - Judy Brower     -    posted on: news   2016 Veritas Young Wine Writer announced
So proud to have you writing for us at! Well done!
These guys are kinda hot...
6 Dec 2016 - Laney Langenstein    -    posted on: news   A heartfelt thanks to all in the wine community
Call me crazy, but the red head in these photos is an absolute stud. Like I would drink his wine all damn day...
Lance Quinton
6 Dec 2016 - Justbeenhad    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
I have a photo of do I upload to this site?
Christopher Merret
2 Dec 2016 - Peter F May    -    posted on: news   The history of bubbles
It was also an English man -- Christopher Merret --who first documented the way to make sparkling wine by the addition of sugar and inducing a second fermentation the bottle - Methode Champenois. :) This was in 1662, six years before Dom Perignon took up his wine cellar duties.-
Pinotage in Bordeaux
2 Dec 2016 - Peter F May    -    posted on: news   Pinotage Shows its French Flair at La Cité de Vin
It was an excellent event and Beyers was on top form. My take on the day is here