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Welcome Back
17 Nov 2017 - Gerrit    -    posted on: news   Reopening of Long Table restaurant at Haskell Vineyards
Welcome back Badsberg. Wishing you well and looking forward tasting cullinary cuisine at your cellar.
Zorgvliet v Kanonkop i.a.
17 Nov 2017 - G.Coetzee    -    posted on: news   Kanonkop’s Abrie Beeslaar Wins World's Best Winemaker of the Year for 3rd Time
Quality of wine is on the tongue of the biased. This holds true for me too. Therefore, personally, I think Kanonkop wine is far overrated (As is Durbanvill Hills and many other KWV wines along with Rothchilds). But then I am biased too. But the appointment of anyone as the "best" in a biased world, is to call a criminal "Prince of Thieves". In example, I will 10 times over, rather vote Zorgvliet in as the best. At least they have the wine to carry the accolade. And if in doubt, don't rely on volume sales to prove a point, because in the land of the blind, one-eye is king.
Farmer of the tyear
16 Nov 2017 - Sintey    -    posted on: news   Our Farmer of the Year 2017!
Congrats Mr Charles Back
Well Done!
13 Nov 2017 - Ken    -    posted on: news   Bonnievale wines signs exclusive deal to make Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon
Congratulations and best of luck with your new venture.
love your blog.
6 Nov 2017 - Bill Hallett.    -    posted on: news   The Passionista: Maggie Mostert
Thank you Maggie and Hennie for your most informative blog, you have helped me gain the love of our great South African wines. Keep up the good work for all of us that love a good wine!!
Thanks for that - changed it
6 Nov 2017 - Judy Brower    -    posted on: news   Platter's 2018 guide hits a Nelson with 111 Five Stars
I got so excited by the 111 - yes indeed a Nelson - and re-titled it - thank you! Ed
Just a Nelson
6 Nov 2017 - Kwispedoor    -    posted on: news   Platter's 2018 guide hits a triple nelson
A triple Nelson would be 333 :-)
Congratulations Domaine des Dieux
3 Nov 2017 - Mark    -    posted on: news   Making Waves: The Meteoric Rise Of MCC
Your hard work and dedication is clearly paying off with yet another winner!
Excited about our future in Wine industry
1 Nov 2017 - Natasha    -    posted on: news   Transformation is happening in the winelands
Thank you Judy for this wonderful piece. Proud to be part of this amazing initiative. If we all take hands we will see change.
1 Nov 2017 - Angela Lloyd    -    posted on: news   Team South Africa: An inside account of the World Blind Tasting Championships
Thanks J-V for telling us how the event is run and the processes Team SA went through. I always say go with your first guess, it's often correct. But well done to them & Team Zimbabwe; seeing the winelands of Europe and participating in this international competition must've provided unforgettable memories.
1 Nov 2017 - Kwispedoor    -    posted on: news   Team South Africa: An inside account of the World Blind Tasting Championships
A really cool read. Sometimes, the more you know, the more you second-guess yourself. Frustrating at times, but so much fun!
Slowly, but surely
30 Oct 2017 - The Communicator    -    posted on: news   Transformation is happening in the winelands
It makes me so happy to see that these stories are being told as, despite what some may say, transformation is happening, albeit at a slower rate than we'd like to see. The SA wine industry, is making strides, despite the many challenges that we face. Thanks for sharing #wineforgood
below link is a pic of lance quinton
27 Oct 2017 - RP    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
Another victim to this scum
27 Oct 2017 - B     -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
He did building work at our house demanded money then ditched us half way, stole goods and is on the run. Beware also markets himself as ABC Plumbing & Maintenance. If you want a foto of this guy do a Facebook search for lance Quinton, profile with a tattoo.
Not Piccolo
27 Oct 2017 - Peter F May    -    posted on: news   Pierre Jourdan Brut Piccolo, a 375ml bottle of the Estate’s iconic Cap Classique
Any fule kno a piccolo is a quarter bottle, i.e. 187.5ml. 375ml is a half bottle
27 Oct 2017 - Sergio Queiros     -    posted on: news   RMB Winex 2017 - 18 years of sustaining the art of wine
Last night myself and my wife went through to RMB Winex 2017 and I was incredibly inpressed. The look and feel was Modern and Vibey and I think the exhibitors were excellent. They were well informed and Friendly and I really had a great time. I must admit, I have been to Winex for the past 5 years and this is definately the best one yet. I really look forward to next one.
27 Oct 2017 - Casandra Keppler    -    posted on: news   RMB Winex 2017 - 18 years of sustaining the art of wine
We were at Winex last night and the food was absolutely amazing! After seeing the above comment we were skeptical but Mastrantonio did not disappoint us at all. What an amazing show to attend look forward to next year!
26 Oct 2017 - Liezel    -    posted on: news   RMB Winex 2017 - 18 years of sustaining the art of wine
We attended the RMB WineX last night. The stalls were nice and some of the wineries had friendly, efficient and well informed people representing their wineries. Some not so much, there was an attitude of "what do you want??" The food however was a disaster and a complete rip off! I cannot believe that RMB thought that winos and foodies will find it remotely acceptable. R60 for a little plate of bland sample food. I must say that it spoilt everything.
Brilliant show
24 Oct 2017 - Wayne    -    posted on: news   A Taste of South Africa with Matt Tebbutt
I love the diversity and different cultures and food. Love the show.
Pic plz
19 Oct 2017 - Gareth    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
Hi can someone plz send me a pic of him, we are looking for him for one of our clients.
Not Bad - Better Luck Next Time
18 Oct 2017 - Peter F May    -    posted on: news   Team Africa goes up against the world in France
Some really tough wines there, well done Anita & team. Better luck next year. (Of course you got the FMC (?)
new address
16 Oct 2017 - lance the con    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
lance an his brother paul have move to a complex called chianti heights in strand
Cheers you two!
11 Oct 2017 - Niki    -    posted on: news   40 Under 40: Dean Leppan
Love the article & love the photo! :)
Michelangelo Results
Dear Peter The results are there on the Michelangelo website as the link suggests. I hope you find what you are looking for Regards | Judy |
Will never change
29 Sep 2017 - Taken    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
Please be careful everyone, this man is still up to his old tricks. He is apparently running from the Helderberg as he has once again taken money, stolen items and lied to people and is on the run. If anyone wants a photo of this man, just send an email and I will forward the photo as I do not know how to upload a photo onto this site.
Lance the con
27 Sep 2017 - Peter    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
Please email me a pic of lance @ .I need to confirm if it's the same man.
27 Sep 2017 - Lesley Beake    -    posted on: news   Celebrating and sharing South African Wines on Heritage Day with #tastesunshine
What a stunning day I missed! I am so sorry I had committments elsewhere. Well done - keep on haviong fun with wine - it's what it's for!
Need foto
22 Sep 2017 - John    -    posted on: news   Beware of con man in industry
Hi there all,can someone please email me a foto of this guy or any info you have. Its very importants and any bit of info would help me. Please email me @
Lafon !!
22 Sep 2017 - Keith Prothero    -    posted on: news   40 Under 40: Roland Peens
Bet your mag of Lafon will be pre-moxed???? If it was me I would prefer a mag if Coche CC . Never had a Coche with pre-mox