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Printing the Legend!
7 Jul 2017 - Peter F May    -    posted on: news   What is Pinotage?
Amanda, you're right! He didn't 'combine' them and it wasn't in his garden and it wasn't in 1925, and he wasn't trying to make a Pinot Noir substitute because Pinot doesn't grow well in the Cape. The rest of the article is OK though, as it encourges people to try Pinotage
Leeuenkuil Shiraz
7 Jul 2017 - Lesley Goosen    -    posted on: news   Leeuwenkuil roars with launch of four fine wines
They should be able to buy it at all Deen Stores.
it makes my day
7 Jul 2017 - Hldegard von Arnim     -    posted on: news   Our Happy Chickens
a story that makes my day... i have recently heard about your good eggs and driven from Franschhoek to Fairview to purchase them..... and will continue to do so!! What amazing farmers you are on Fairview!! best wishes for the future!
Professor Perold
6 Jul 2017 - Adinda Booysen    -    posted on: news   What is Pinotage?
Professor Perold a chemist who ''made'' Pinotage in his garden??
You are an example of someone really pursuing a dream
3 Jul 2017 - Anene    -    posted on: news   Steenberg winemaker qualifies for Team SA in World Wine Tasting Championships
Jolette, I am proud of you!!
where....? buy.?
2 Jul 2017 - Julie    -    posted on: news   Leeuwenkuil roars with launch of four fine wines
I love the shiraz 2013. Where can I buy this in Amsterdam Netherlands delighted to be feeding content to
30 Jun 2017 - Judy Brower    -    posted on: news   South African Wine Tourism Goes Digital is pleased to be providing dynamic diary content to this website. Content management is our forte, and with us celebrating 21 years of being in business this year, we are encouraged to see our data being used just as we designed it to be. We invite everyone around the world to raise the profile of South African Wines by joining our celebrations in (possibly) the largest tasting of South African Wine ever held on the same day - at our #tastesunshine event on Sunday 24th Sept worldwide Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
Well done Jo!
30 Jun 2017 - Etienne    -    posted on: news   Steenberg winemaker qualifies for Team SA in World Wine Tasting Championships
So very proud of you.
Inspiring and True
23 Jun 2017 - Temi    -    posted on: news   Selling wine in East Africa – a few lessons learned
Great reflections, brings order to my current madness. I am working on promoting an Italian brand in Africa and your piece just brought some stability to my boat.
22 Jun 2017 - Niel Groenewald    -    posted on: news   Pinopasso: Taking Pinotage to a new level
Hello Gabri I still make the wine and is doing amazingly well. I am glad you enjoyed it.
Your PinoPasso
22 Jun 2017 - Gabri Rigotti    -    posted on: news   Pinopasso: Taking Pinotage to a new level
Amazing ... I saw it for the first time in a PnP last night and it is excellent! Do you still make it or did it not get traction?
Doors Opening and Closing
19 Jun 2017 - Renee    -    posted on: news   Doors Opening and Closing
Please note that the WOSA website is currently under construction, therefore, the link isn't working. Please try again later.
Link not working
19 Jun 2017 - Julian Richfield    -    posted on: news   Doors Opening and Closing
The link to the rest of Fiona's article is not working
Pity there is no mention of Floreal Brasserie, the restaurant on Marianne in this article!
15 Jun 2017 - Ruaan Spence    -    posted on: news   Marianne Wines and the French Connection
Baguettes and Brie are certainly not the only food offering available on the farm. Since re opening almost 2 years ago, Floreal Brasserie has done a sterling job attracting thousands of patrons to the farm, from both local and abroad! So more like – Lamb belly – (Lightly spiced belly of lamb slow braised in its own juices, sweet potato puree, wilted spinach and pearl barley finished with our merlot jus) and Duo of Beef (braised sticky short rib and fillet served with a potato fondant, buttered onion puree and green beans)! With all the talk about focusing even more on wine tourism in South Africa and all the work being put in to AGM`s and money spent on conferences to try and relay this message, why are we still only focusing on the wine, when you have a quality top notch restaurant to go with it – on the same farm!
well done Jasper
15 Jun 2017 - peter bishop    -    posted on: news   Great score for Longridge in Eedes' Bordeaux Report
great to see your style appreciated
Tribute to Dave Hughes
14 Jun 2017 - Lynne Jarche Ford    -    posted on: news   Wonderful tribute dinner for Dave Hughes
Looks like a blast, So sorry we couldnt be there. Exciting news about the auction total. Lynne and John Ford - still travelling in Europe.
14 Jun 2017 - Hans Losch    -    posted on: news   Wonderful tribute dinner for Dave Hughes
Dear Dave, Congratulation! For all the good things you have done in live,I will always remember you.
Happy Birthday to a lovely soul!
13 Jun 2017 - Catherine Bouttell-Bryson    -    posted on: news   Wonderful tribute dinner for Dave Hughes
May you be blessed with many more!
Happy Birthday Dave
13 Jun 2017 - Jenny Evs    -    posted on: news   Wonderful tribute dinner for Dave Hughes
A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. Very happy birthday.
dave being honored
13 Jun 2017 - peter bishop    -    posted on: news   Wonderful tribute dinner for Dave Hughes
Congratulations Dave on your birthday & on the fact that - in your lifetime - the "Industry" recognised you for your intelligent & thinking contribution. I
Well Done!
8 Jun 2017 - Emma Burger, Project Manager Wine Training South A    -    posted on: news   Education and empowerment in the cellar - the way to go!
Great to see all the familiar faces of our SKOP Learners and also one of WTSA's Learnership guys ! So proud to see how you excel in the South African Wine Industry to become members of the prestigious Circle of Excellence. Well Done !
7 Jun 2017 - Louise Ford nee Berry    -    posted on: news   Very sad news of Wonga
Such sad news when young talent like this is taken from us. Heaven has an angel. R.I.P
Playing the racial card.
6 Jun 2017 - Penny Middlekoop.    -    posted on: news   40 under 40: David Cope
Sizwe and her mates need to get out on the road and try to sell the wines, rather than waiting for customers to come to them. It's not good enough that the wines are made by blacks. They also have follow the market rules (which are colour blind and universal) - make sure people know about them, and get people to taste them. If they are properly priced and attractively packaged then they should do ok.
It is...nice
6 Jun 2017 - Blake Davis    -    posted on: news   40 under 40: David Cope
David’s unpretentiousness when it comes to introducing good wine to South Africans who was fed conservative wine like they were fed conservative politics, is nice.
re: Sizwe
6 Jun 2017 - David Cope    -    posted on: news   40 under 40: David Cope
Thanks for the compliment Sizwe. Publik champions smaller producers making interesting wines, and we're always looking for more. The deciding factor is purely about quality and style of wine, regardless who the winemaker is. Naturally there are lots of wines I have yet to try. The simple answer to your question on the two producers you've listed is that I haven't been approached by either of them to taste the wines. (Also Steele Wines is sales agency run by Dave Nel, not me.)
Small producers but no black producers, confused?
6 Jun 2017 - Sizwe    -    posted on: news   40 under 40: David Cope
I'm really loving David Cope's work, especially his ability to always be at the forefront of shifting trends in wine. However I find contradictions in what he champions ie "small producers" and "non-conservative wine". My question is then why does Publik not stock any wines from black producers such as Aslina (Ntsiki Biyela) or Magna Carta (Mphumi Ndlangisa), who both making world-class natural wine and are small producers? Secondly, why does he not stock any black wines under Steal Wines, his distribution company?
Will be missed
5 Jun 2017 - Michael Liffmann     -    posted on: news   Very sad news of Wonga
What can I say, an incredible person has been lost. From first meeting with him during his interview at Cape Grace to his growth and development into an amazing character. He was someone with rare talent, positive attitude to learn and a hugely challenging mind. My heart and thoughts go out to his family during this sad time. Wonga my man you will be missed
5 Jun 2017 - Higgo Jacobs    -    posted on: news   Very sad news of Wonga
We are very saddened by the news of Wonga's passing. He has in a very short time made a lasting impression on all of us for his enthusiasm, keen interest, quick wit, creativity, warm friendliness, and mostly for his humility. Wonga had the world at his feet at the start of what we believed to be a very promising career as a sommelier. We need tenfolds more like him, and now he was taken from us too soon. We will carry on with our efforts in Wonga's honor, and will foster the memories of this wonderful young man with fondness. Our biggest condolences to his family and all who were close to him Higgo Jacobs South African Sommelier Association
2 Jun 2017 - Sintey    -    posted on: news   Very sad news of Wonga
So, sad, so sad. but he is in a better place. My sincere condolences to his family. What a loss.
Constantly Constantia
31 May 2017 - Uncorked Wine Tours    -    posted on: news   The Present Catches Up With The Past
So proud to be a member of the Constantia community. Well done Buitenverwachting and Constantia Uitsig!