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20 Feb 2017 - Mike    -    posted on: news   New liquor license laws driving you to drink?
Once you bought a bottle on to a on consumption property and opened it you may not remove it from the property
Own Wine
20 Feb 2017 - Chris Venter    -    posted on: news   Don’t let a ‘Take-Away’ take away your liquor licence
What happens if you bring your own wine and pay corkage? May you take the unfinished bottle home?
Link to petition
19 Feb 2017 - Renee    -    posted on: news   A sad day for Swartland wine
Dear Dieter, The link is working but just in case here it is.
17 Feb 2017 - Dieter Gugelmann Wein & Kap Switzerland    -    posted on: news   A sad day for Swartland wine
Editors Note: Please click here to add your name to the online petition. When you click on here, nothing happens. The Website does not open
Gentleman v Lady
17 Feb 2017 - Gerrit    -    posted on: news   Where have all the gentleman gone?
The report is unbalanced on a perplexed issue. It is difficult to be the man, the head, the gentleman, the chivalier when women are pushed not just alongside men, but also ahead of men. Most men dislike overpowering and overbearing women. it is difficult to treat a woman as a woman in a world where they are brought up thinking that they are not to be better women, but that they are to better/stronger/smarter than men too. inreconcilable aspects.
14 Feb 2017 - Dave March    -    posted on: news   Petrol tainted Riesling and some South African responses
I did in fact contact at least 10 other relevant winemakers, some with exceptional track records with Riesling - but it is harvest time and they did not want to comment or did not reply. I like your idea that less opinionated winemakers exist!
South African Winemakers?
14 Feb 2017 - Kallie de Wet    -    posted on: news   Petrol tainted Riesling and some South African responses
Good follow up on first article, but shouldn't you have questioned more experienced and non-opinionated winemakers. Only guys that actually makes sense is Lukas and Gary. If you also look at those 2 guys' track record vs. the other you would understand view.
12 Feb 2017 - jony    -    posted on: news   Flower Power & Lucky Horseshoes the Brave New World of Wine Brands
great,thanks for sharing this.
bonnie wine
12 Feb 2017 - Dylan    -    posted on: news   KWV launches Bonne Esperance to the public
This is an amazing wine, subtle flavour and delivers all u want, i think goes with anything, its just right for every moment. im enjoying it ! Did a quick google search and found out its a KWV wine. As i had a closer look at the bottle after tasting. Thumbs up
One of the Best
10 Feb 2017 - Andy Anderson    -    posted on: news   Charles Back becomes the most awarded winemaker in South Africa!
Indeed one of the best in the industry. Congrats!!
Liquor board should be easing their policies.
9 Feb 2017 - Linnet de Klerk    -    posted on: news   North West Province draft liquor policy
With so many illegal shabeens, taverns, etc it would be wiser to ease up the liquor law legislation. People will always fight for their right to make choices for themselves. Tightening up on laws only causes more law breaking in order to make a free will statement. What these decision makers forget is that they are there to ensure good practises, not dictate when people are allowed and not allowed to make a living, relax by consuming drinks with their friends or working odd hours where their only time out is restricted by laws. If a new business owner purchase a property where a liquor license has been granted, the liquor board should allow trade as before. If a business owner sells a restaurant or pub, surely the liquor license makes up a big part of the business they are purchasing. If the liquor board changes this legislation, it will hurt our economy. What they should change is that if somebody purchase a property where a liquor license was held before, then the new owner should automatically obtain the liquor license. Liquor should be available for purchase on sundays as well. This will help a lot in eredicating illegally trading shabeens. The laws are supposed to protect business owners, not hurt them by placing restrictions on their ability to trade and then opening up the oportunity for unlicensed operators to benefit from trade when licensed operators are restricted from trading. Decision makers should identify problems and find solutions, not create more by forcing licensed operators out of business to benefit unlicenced trade. Become the solution, not the problem. Process paperwork immediately. Ease up on silly bylaws. Enable law abiding business owners to put illegal operators out of business. It will cut down on corruption, crime and a ton of other related problems at the same time.
where to buy gik
8 Feb 2017 - kamo    -    posted on: news   Blue Wine Is Now a Thing You Can Drink
Hi where can i find gik in south Africa?
At last a quality South African rose'...!
8 Feb 2017 - Alastair BOND    -    posted on: news   Boschendal celebrates Summer with a vibrant new Chardonnay Pinot Noir
As a regular visitor to Cape Town we have searched high and low for a quality rose' that can compete with those produced with such ease in the South of France. Actually if you look hard there is a South African wine maker that makes excellent rose' - but from their property in France! However at last Boschendal have produced something very special - even if it was unavailable on the picnic lawn the day we visited! As an aside I wonder why little use is made of the Grenacke/Syrah grape varieties in SA. These are the basis of most good French rose' wines. Would be interested to have feedback from Lizelle Gerber!
Bravo Imbuko
3 Feb 2017 - Elsabe du Plessis    -    posted on: news   2017 Getaway Best Value Wine Awards
Imbuko we in the Wellington area are privileged to have such a great cellar on our veranda. Congratulations may many awards follow. Cheers
Not surprising at all
30 Jan 2017 - Tinus    -    posted on: news   50-year-old Chateau Libertas trio sells for R20 000
While living in London in the 90's Chateau Lib was always a sort after bottle to bring to the party. Through the years I have had my share of enjoyable times around a bottle of Chateau and will continue to do so. I have in my collection a 1985,88 and 1991. If there is anyone out there that could tell me more on the value of these it would be great
my notepad, my pen, my camera and an open palette
29 Jan 2017 - Peter Pedant    -    posted on: news   A message to all the wine novices!
Tip for a budding wine writer: Learn the meanings of palate, palette and pallet. Palate is in your mouth, refers to taste Palette is the board an artist mixes their paints on Pallet is used to stack goods on for forklifts to move
Unrealistic Wine Prices
27 Jan 2017 - Adv.Gerrit Coetzee    -    posted on: news   State of the South African Wine Industry
At Simonswy Wines in Stellenbosch opposite to Meerlust, we were forced six years ago to move from grape producers to Wine producers. Fortunately we yielded a good quality wine. But that is not the essence. The essence is the following: If wines are the (shocking to know) second largets agricultural exporter, then how on earth is that the producer and the labourer suffers to make a decent living from the second best exporter? then there is another problem. At R9,8b export and 450mL of wines, that equates to R26/L. However, supplying to the middlemen, the Distells of this world and like agencies, yield a "generous, be happy with what you get", R5-R7/L. On that basis we started marketing our own wines. In bottled version it gives you the time to market it and sell it at own leisure. But the majority of grape producers don't necessarily have this as an option. And the middlemen (and -women!) knows this. As grape producer, you have at harvest time a week or two to move your produce. After that you are dead in the water. So many take the "whopping" R5/L they are offered. Negotiating contracts beforehand is also the same farce. We tried playing two bulk grape buyers up against each other, but Koelenhof and the others tell you straight R2300/ton is what you'l get. But they themself knows that R6500/ton is below breadline, but still just won't accomodate you. It is with these middlemen and the Co-operatives that lies the problem. They are the quilty ones. They are the ones responsilble for the poor state of labour affairs and lower than 1% income yield. They are the ones forcing these low prices on the producer. Then the funny part is that the grape producer sits with the forced upon minimum wages which is unaffordable at R5 and R7/L. The real solution is that when there is a minimum wage law, the very same minimum levels should be imposed on the middlemen too, regulating the minimum that a grape producer and/or wine producer are allowed to be paid/compensated for their produce. Upselling of wine and or grapes should attract lesser mark-ups by the Distell and other middlemen, than that what is paid to producers. If wine is sold internationally at R26/L and the producer only gets R2300/ton or only R5/L, how can the difference of R21/L to the middle-agencies be justified? It cannot ! Selling and marketing cannot equate 400% of supplied cost. The pyramide is upside down. That is the problem. Producers should receive as bare minmimum 100% of direct costs plus at least 25%, which should bring an income in Stellenbosch of around R8150/ton or around R15/L. On top of that the 2 or 3 middleman agencies and cellars can add their respective 25% mark-up, to end at around R26/L on export levels. THEN you can with a smile pay your workers a decent living rate and employee people. But the Co-operatives etc. are at fault for the very bad shape our industry is in on grassroot level. At R9,8b exports, the money is there, but the distribution is twarted. It is keenly noted when Distell says that the higher prices for wine will eventually dwindel down to the producer. But we don't have to rely on this sugarcoating words, for a uncertain point in the future! The equity is there, in the hands of the Co-operatives etc. NOW. The wine industry pyramid can be turned on its feet within six months, when the middleman agencies stop to squeeze the live of everyone below them. I repeat it, they are to be faulted with the bad state of affairs in South Africa. The focus should be shifted away from the producer as the culprit, and onto the source of the income and the epicenter of our troubles. Minimum "wages" should be implimented for producers as well, and the brutal exploitation of producers should be stopped without delay. It is criminal the way they have manipulated the industry to this day!
fantasties Longridge
24 Jan 2017 - Ben Komoetie    -    posted on: news   Longridge Langtafel celebrates harvest
Ons kom beslis weer !
Total overkill or maybe just extorting government!?
20 Jan 2017 - Ken Forrester    -    posted on: news   Proposed Improvements to the R44 between Somerset West and Stellenbosch - available for review
These proposed concrete double deck flying saucers at the old price of R600M (2012) R1 Billion now? Are absolutely overkill and way beyond required road safety or design. If there is one intersection that warrants this extravagant design it would be The Lord Charles. The R44 is not a "High speed link" any longer it is a pedestrian crossing a cycle route a tractor route and finally a high density road along a strip of encroaching urbanization between a Stellenbosch and Somerset West. This scheme is aimed at simply employing the most expensive "world best practice" design and civil engineering in order to get money out of government. Money that could be far better spent elsewhere. The solution that this R600M extravaganza is a set of traffic lights at R44/Winery Road and a speed limit of 80km/h. All of this at less than 10% of the proposed extravagance! Sad to see the private sector stealing from government, is this the new form of capital cannabilism in SA? Let's spend this money on a high speed rail from Cape Town to the airport, Khayalitsha and Somerset West, then you're building infrastructure.
Can't wait to try it all!
19 Jan 2017 - Kai    -    posted on: news   Top 5 Decadent Days Out in the Cape Winelands on a Bargain Budget
Have visited just about half of the mentioned places and can only agree - Can't wait to try the other half!
To an Old boy at Welkom-Gimnasium
18 Jan 2017 - Rudolph and Elbè Cloete    -    posted on: news   My expectations of my final year in the cellar of Elsenburg Agricultural Institute
Remember our motto: "When the going gets tough, the Though gets going". Best of luck for this important year!
Boplaas Wines
18 Jan 2017 - Boplaas    -    posted on: news   Three Boplaas stars in Hall of Fame
The Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve Port was included in the SA Hall of Fame. The Boplaas Cape Tawny, Boplaas Cape Vintage and Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve is in the Top 10 Port list.
17 Jan 2017 - Anton Smuts    -    posted on: news   Unity for excellence
Thank you Peter, much appreciated!
Great Start
17 Jan 2017 - Peter McAtamney    -    posted on: news   Unity for excellence
Well done on the appointment Anton. You'll achieve great things, I'm sure
Old review
15 Jan 2017 - Monika Elias    -    posted on: news   Free Download To South African Wine Tourism
This is an old press release and was published in 2014. In 2015 the publication was a free download. We are now in 2017 and the book is a paid for download. Apologies for your frustration. Regards Monika Publisher of the Wine Tourism Travel Guide
Not a free Download
15 Jan 2017 - Steven M    -    posted on: news   Free Download To South African Wine Tourism
Do not understand why the write up says download the guide for free in PDF when the website you are told to go to wants 230 ZAR
14 Jan 2017 - brent brandenburg    -    posted on: news   Journey's End reflects on a rewarding 2011
What a patronizing response! Our appointment was at 3 p.m. (15h00), not closing time, and we arrived right on time. And what, Mr. Gabb, did your "investigation" reveal? That your establishment does not honor appointments? As for the "clear trama" (your terminology) of our disgusting treatment by your organization, well, that is easily washed away by the warm reception we receive at countless other Western Cape wineries, hospitality that, based upon your smarmy "thank you," your sorry winery is a million miles from acquiring.
reply to John
14 Jan 2017 - Dave March    -    posted on: news   Bad Riesling and unleaded petrol
John, most winegrowers I spoke to said they seldom needed to as canopies were rarely vigorous growers before bloom or after veraison, so what foliage there was would be left to shade the fruit. Regions here differ widely, of course and in cooler, Riesling areas, canopy growth was naturally curtailed.
Response to query re Cape Wine Auction
14 Jan 2017 - Pippa Pringle    -    posted on: news   The success of the Cape Wine Auction lies in more than just a party
Good morning KGK Thank you for your comment and apologies for not responding sooner. I see that the website was published incorrectly and I've requested a correction to avoid further confusion. Herewith the link which will take you directly to the page with all of the details Refer to details all pertaining to 2017. Should you wish to receive a copy of the online catalogue please let me know and I'll arrange for this. Thank you for your support.
Auction catalog
13 Jan 2017 - Mike Ratcliffe     -    posted on: news   The success of the Cape Wine Auction lies in more than just a party
Dear KGK, Thank you for your comments on the above article with reference to your unanswered email and the webpage that is not working. On behalf of the organisers of the Cape wine auction, we have double checked the website and all appears to be in order. Also, all of the auction lots are clearly loaded on the website and can be viewed at any time. Also, if you had bought a ticket, you will receive a copy of the auction catalogue directly to your door. I would urge you to resend your email, as we have checked and simply cannot find it . All of our contact details including email and phone numbers are available on the website. Thank you so much for your support.