Kelly-Anne Pietersen

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Executive Chef, Kelly-Anne Pietersen is renowned for her French-inspired cooking, to create dishes with rich tastes and subtle nuances.

Kelly-Anne trained with some of the finest chefs in the most prestigious kitchens in South Africa. She started out working with the former executive chef of the Cape Grace Hotel and then at Ellerman House. She then joined Sofia’s Restaurant at Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate and thereafter extended her range of culinary skills at Bertus Basson’s award-winning Overture Restaurant. Awards include a second place in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ Jeunes Chef Competition and also in the Tastic Chef Competition.

Kelly-Anne’s love for cooking started at a young age when she spent time in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother. Both these inspirational women love to cook and especially bake, which is where Kelly-Anne’s love for creating delectable desserts originated.

The dishes that spring from Kelly-Anne’s kitchen include flavours that are seamlessly integrated and the menu is a mixture of the robust and refined. It has a French flavour and traditional dishes are given a creative twist.