meet the team

Kevin Kidson
Founder & Technical Director
Don to the WINE.CO.ZA mob, Kevin is where the buck starts and stops. He can be found contemplating The Big Picture and emerges every few months beaming with new business strategies and innovative products to boot.

Judy Brower
Founder & Sales Director
Life partner to The Don, Director of WINE.CO.ZA, and most importantly, our resident chef. There is no end to the roles Judy fulfills at home, at work, in life and beyond. In her capacity as Director of WINE.CO.ZA she is involved on a strategic level as well as heads up our corporate marketing & sales efforts and HR department.

Michelle Ladewig
Manager: Advertising, Sponsors & E-Solutions
Fiesty, fearless and fabulous Michelle is a WINE.CO.ZA institution. She is loved far and wide across the winelands for her dedication to her e-solutions, web design and advertising clients. Internally, she is affectionately known as our Cosmetics Queen for her appreciation of all things aesthetic and therefore makes a major contribution to how we are perceived externally.

Garth Hapgood-Strickland
Art Director / Senior Web Developer & Web Designer
Dark, daring and damn efficient (don't let the double-barrel surname fool you), Garth is Kevin's programming wingman and in charge of what we call, 'the front-end', i.e. the look and feel of the portal. Garth works his magic in minutes - having been a magician in a former life. Houdini ain't got nothing on this lothario of graphic wizardry.

Renee Barnard
News Editor and Catalogue Manager
Renee is managing our News environment and is still managing the many WOSA trade show catalogues with her inimitable calm and attention to detail. None of us know how she manages it but we think she may be a descendant of Wonder Woman

Sheryl Faure
Client Manager
Sheryl's background could not be more immersed in wine if she tried! She grew up on a well-known wine farm, has managed wine shops and run tasting rooms. Sheryl ensures that our winery clients are happy with our service. If you want to get the most out of your listing at, just speak to her.

Adele Dixon
Adele keeps in tip-top shape, making sure that the financial side of runs smoothly. She is our Queen of tarts, baking gorgeous goodies now and again that keep us very happy. If you ever have a question about wineries, contacts, the meaning of life, she’s your go-to gal.

Kudzai Dzemwa
Content Editor
Kudzai is one of our content managers and her attention to detail helps us maintain the high level of data accuracy we pride ourselves on. Our wine clients love her friendly manner - her giggle is delightful!

Malannie Casteling
Content Editor
Malannie joined us permanently in April 2014 after standing in for Kudzi while she was off having a baby! She made such a good impression that we did not want to let her go! Malannie also has great graphic/web skills and already is showing her worth in the Content Team doing Spotlight and Banner images..

Laverné Rousseau
Online Shop Manager
Laverné comes to us with great energy after an interesting career in sales, photography, admin and cruise ship working. She is full of beans and the shop is abuzz! Laverné ensures that when you order wine from us that your experience is fabulous!

Trudie van Papendorp
Content Editor
Trudie comes to us from an academic background and has taken on the Content Editing role with great ease and efficiency. We are delighted to have her in the team

Tomas Kranenburg
Social Media Marketing Manager
Tomas joined us recently after completing his degree at UCT in Digital Medial studies and an internship in The Netherlands. He has experience in events and has joined us to start up a new Social Media Services Division offering Event Coverage & more. We are already delighted with our first Pilot Project with Villiera's Fizzytherapy Festival!