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Klawer Cellars again first out of the blocks!

“This Sauvignon Blanc is young, vibrant and uncomplicated. It’s for those people who enjoy their whites smooth and easy, without any ‘thrills and spills’,” says Klawer Cellars’ cellar master, Andries Blake, of their 2017 Sauvignon Blanc that has just been the released.
20 February 2017 Klawer Wine Cellars

Don’t let a ‘Take-Away’ take away your liquor licence

We’ve all done it. Ordered a bottle of wine with dinner and, finding ourselves at the end of the meal with an unfinished bottle, taken the remainder home with us. After all, we’ve paid for it; it’s ours. Shame to let good wine go to waste. Or we finish our meal and want to carry on the party at home. The bottle stores are closed. Surely we can buy a carry-out from the restaurant before we leave?
20 February 2017 Simon Dippenaar & Associates

Mining vs Agriculture – now a bit closer to home

While we have always known about the threat mining holds for the grain producing areas of South Africa (read more), we were recently reminded about the impact one important industry can have on another when the plans for fracking in the Karoo were introduced.
20 February 2017 Hein on Wine, Hein Koegelenberg

Middelvlei Wines' Festival Offerings: Discount on Stellenbosch Wine Festival tickets

At Middelvlei we do not send out more than one newsletter per month. However when we want to communicate to our faithful Middelvlei supporters how they can save R50 on a Stellenbosch Wine Festival ticket, we are happy to break our own rule!
20 February 2017 Middelvlei Wines

Petrol tainted Riesling and some South African responses

My previous article (‘Bad Riesling and unleaded petrol’) posed the idea that the petrol or kerosene smell on aged Rieslings came from poor vineyard practices, specifically over exposure to sunlight. My article was based on a widely-held belief in Australia that the smell (caused by TDN, or 1,1,6,-trimethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene) was a fault.
14 February 2017 Dave March CWM