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South Africa must "sort out terroir message"
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Anthony Hamilton Russell, owner of Hamilton Russell Vineyards in Walker Bay, believes South Africa needs to “sort out its terroir message” in order for it to be taken seriously as a fine wine producing country.

Speaking to the drinks business at Cape Wine last month, Hamilton Russell said: 

“Sorting out our terroir message will help us promote our fine wine offering. The importance of terroir very much exists in South Africa, it just hasn’t been communicated properly yet. 

“Terroir is fundamental to the Pinots I produce. The stony, clay-rich soil in Hemel-en-Aarde helps us to get closer in style to Burgundy than any other New World country,” he said. 

He also admitted that it has been “tough” being a South African fine wine producer and trying to convince the world of the worth of the country’s top wines. 

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