Introducing Hank - Balance wine's worldwide ambassador

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Slightly chubby yet utterly charming; down-to-earth yet stylish and debonair; clean-cut but street-wise … We're talking of course of Hank, the likable, lovable and delightfully sociable Balance Wines personality.

"Hank is the epitome of a balanced and thoroughly enjoyable lifestyle," says marketing manager, Johline Barnardt. "What's more, Hank is supremely adaptable and can hold his own in a wide variety of scenarios. Ranging from a classic braai with the family to a 'jol' with your buddies; a formal dinner with the boss to a sparkling celebration - Hank is just the guy you want around to maintain a happy equilibrium!" 

The Balance wine range was launched in 2004 and is presently enjoyed in 16 different countries, worldwide. Thanks to its international success, the range has been extended to now include Balance Classic, Balance Buddy, Balance Winemaker's Selection and Balance Sparkling. 

Looking for an easy drinking, fun and fruity wine to sip after a long, hard day at work? Hank has the solution: Balance Classic! The range comprises eight superb wines and is also ideal to serve with your next braai. 

Planning a picnic, a beach braai or a camping holiday with your mates? Hank suggests Balance Buddy: it is delightfully sweet, low in alcohol and comes in White, Rosé and Red. 

What about going on that really special date at that really fancy restaurant? Once again Hank has the answer: Balance Winemaker’s Selection is a superbly balanced single cultivar range to flaunt your good taste! 

Party time? Hank insists on Balance Sparkling – a tantalising trio to turn any occasion into a happy celebration. 

And talking about celebrations: more exciting news from Balance and Hank is the fact that Balance Classic wines have been available in Checkers stores nationally since the 1st of December 2012. The following wines are on offer: Sauvignon Blanc–Semillon, Shiraz Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot. Enjoy! 

BALANCE - For life's lighter moments

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