On the ninth day of Christmas...
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Some say the bubbles feel like ladies dancing on your tongue and we’re inclined to agree but what about the process? Is the magic of bubbles made in a similar way to wine?

Luscious lady Lizelle Gerber from Boschendal Wines gives us the answer to that oak-aged old question 'is Bubbly stored in barrels?'

The wine.co.za December Spotlight has exploded in a flurry of bubbles and festive cheer.

We wanted to make this month count and so we gathered four of South Africa’s best Methode Cap Classique (MCC) makers as well as our resident bubbly maniac, Zwai Gumede, in a hot tub for corker of a day.
Complete with bubbles, bubbly and sparkling personalities all round, we’ve got answers to all your bubbling questions as well as an insight into what these MCC makers will be doing over Christmas.

For more videos and articles, recipe and competitions, visit our December Spotlight page 

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