Inspectors check on compliance with the Western Cape Liquor Act last week.
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Inspectors from the Western Cape Liquor Board visited a number of wine farms around Stellenbosch to check on compliance with the Western Cape Liquor Act last week.

According to Danie Cronjé, the Director of Liquor Law Services at Cluver Markotter Incorporated, these documents have to be available for inspection on the licensed premises.

In most cases they went to ascertain whether the licence holder had proof of payment of the annual renewal fees for 2013, a copy of the original liquor licence and the form confirming the appointment of a manager for the liquor licence available on the premises.

The inspectors also looked to see whether wineries serving wine by the glass or bottle for consumption on the premises held appropriate on-consumption liquor licenses.

Cronjé advises wineries which have restructured their businesses to check whether the company which now sells the liquor is in fact the licence holder.

If not, a transfer of the licence may be required.

If the licensed premises have been structurally altered or extended the required applications for permission to serve liquor in the altered or extended premises must be lodged.

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