Weltevrede add three new siblings to their strikingly simplistic range of wines
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Following the launch of their Vanilla Chardonnay (in 2011), which is growing in popularity every day, Weltevrede have added three equally delectable siblings to their strikingly simplistic family of wines: the Weltevrede Tropico Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Cherrychoc Merlot 2012 and Cigarbox Shiraz 2012.

The historical, picturesque Robertson Estate derived the concept of simplicity to offer a counter-response to the information-overload that is synonymous with today's culture. Philip Jonker, fourth generation co-owner and cellarmaster explains: “On a timeline of a century old wine farm, change is inevitable. Looking forward, we set a vision of striking simplicity for our new range of wines. Although our mission at Weltevrede is timeless, we march to the music of our time. In a world where we are bombarded with information, we saw the need for a clear-cut and strikingly simple concept that makes sense simply by looking at the bottle. We got rid of the clutter and captured the very essence of the wine. We simply took the one key word that is easy to relate to, that one characteristic thousands of wines try to convey in subtle ways on lengthy back labels, and put it on the front label.”

“These names by no means limit the multifaceted nature of the various cultivars and the extent of flavours that can be experienced. In fact the intriguingly simple name acts as a starting point from which many other nuances can be experienced, leaving one intrigued and thirsty for more. On our back labels we ask the public to identify the various flavours they experience and document their thoughts on our website www.weltevrede.com.”

The four strikingly simplistic siblings are:

Weltevrede Tropico Sauvignon Blanc 2012:
Weltevredes Tropico Sauvignon Blanc 2012 boasts a mellow, pallid, soft yellow colour, infused with subtle hues of green. On the nose, prominent notes of guava and passion fruit prevail. A lively, refreshing mouthfeel, with flavours of passion fruit, guava and pineapple culminate in a crisp, clean, invigorating finish.

The Weltevrede Tropico Sauvignon Blanc 2012 is available nationally at leading wine retailers including Makro, Game and select Tops at Spar stores, retailing between R45 and R49.

Weltevrede Cherrychoc Merlot 2012:
Weltevrede’s Cherrychoc Merlot is a bold encapsulation of flavours which ordinarily typify merlot: lots of ripe cherries and dark chocolate. However, the name does not limit the wine. The intriguing simplistic compound name facilitates a starting point from whence a myriad of other flavours may emanate such as liquorice, spiciness and even a cinnamon undertone.

The Weltevrede Cherrychoc Merlot 2012 is available nationally at leading retail outlets, including Makro, Game and select Tops at Spar stores, retailing between R55 and R59.

The Cherrychoc Merlot was launched with a quirky video on YouTube that went viral. Take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IAVMNJPYV4 and keep an eye out for the new videos in this series.

Weltevrede Cigarbox Shiraz 2012
: Weltevrede’s Cigarbox Shiraz 2012 will be released in April 2013, and will be available nationally at leading wine retailers including Makro, Game and select Tops at Spar stores, retailing between R55 and R59.

Weltevrede Vanilla Chardonnay 2012: Cellarmaster and owner, Philip Jonker, deems his Vanilla Chardonnay “an expressionist wine resulting in a magical alchemy of extraordinary flavours. Some taste vanilla. Some get hints of butterscotch or English toffee. Some call it crème brûlée, honey, coconut or crème caramel. Others smell tropical flavours of pineapple, passion-fruit or peach.”

The Weltevrede Vanilla Chardonnay 2012 is available nationally at leading wine retailers including Makro, Game, Pick ‘n Pay and select Tops at Spar stores, retailing between R45 and R49.

Weltevrede Estate: Just outside Bonnievale, in the picturesque Robertson Wine Valley, lies the century-old Weltevrede Estate, the Jonker family wine estate whose rich heritage extends an impressive four generations. The farm was aptly named ‘Weltevrede’ by founder Klaas Jonker in 1912, meaning ‘well satisfied’. The setting alone inspires this inward contentment as do the superb wines which hail from this idyllic setting.

For more information: Tel 023 616 2141 or visit www.weltevrede.com

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