Jamie Goode Loves Brampton's Rosé
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Jamie Goode, London-based wine writer who is currently a wine columnist with UK national newspaper The Sunday Express is in South Africa and has expressed his adoration for Brampton wines.

This esteemed writer has won the 2007 Glenfiddich Wine Writer of the year award, and contributes regularly to a range of publications including The World of Fine Wine, Wine Business International, Wines and Vines, Sommelier Journal, The Drinks Business and Imbibe. His first book, Wine Science, won the Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book in 2006.

Jamie has also made numerous presentations and lectures, conducted many tastings and is an established wine judge (panel chair for the International Wine Challenge, among others). He is one of the organizers for the International Sparkling Wine Symposium (March 2009 and November 2011) and the Sparkling Wine Review.

Here is what Jamie had to say about our very own Brampton wine: "The Rosé was delicious with an ice cube in the glass, and this went down easily. It was followed up with a bottle of the Brampton OVR, a perfectly respectable berryish red..." We are thrilled that Jamie Goode enjoys Brampton wines just as much as we do!

Click HERE to read his blog.

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57% Shiraz, 23% Cabernet Franc, 16% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Pinotage
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