How to select a collection of stellar wines without seeing a thing
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So you’re standing in front of approximately 300 wines and need to assist a highly qualified and experienced judging panel in selecting the absolute best of the lot, to be showcased at a fine wine auction later in the year.

Not only that – all of these wines need to be tasted blind, scored out of 20, and then audited in order to ensure a fair, final result. How to go about this whole process?

Sommelier Higgo Jacobs has first-hand experience in organizing a selection process like this. As the head of the team responsible for co-ordinating the recent selection tasting process for the 2013 Nederburg Auction, his role was pivotal in terms of organizing the wines and preparing the judging panel for their roles as the selection gatekeepers. Take a journey with Higgo behind the scenes of this year’s Nederburg Auction selection tasting to see exactly how this process works and what it entails.

The official wine selection for Auction 2013 will be announced shortly.

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