Is it coffee or a port - the De Krans Espresso

De Krans Espresso - not coffee but a port
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With their out of the box thinking and regarded as one of South Africa’s premier port producers, brothers Boets and Stroebel Nel of De Krans Wine Cellar have kept port enthusiasts wanting more with their innovative De Krans Espresso.

As the name states it would lead you to believe it is a new style of coffee, which it is not, yet it displays the same sweet aromas of freshly ground coffee.

Packaged in an eye catching 375ml bottle, the De Krans Espresso is prepared using the two main port varietals, Touriga Naçional and Tinta Barocca, with a sugar content of 92g (approximately the same as De Krans’ excellent port wine). Although not classified as a port it is has been produced using the classic port varietals.

Winemaker, Boets Nel, describes the popular wine as being a unique deep ruby red colour with pleasant aromas of freshly ground coffee and dark berry fruit. A solid structure with a lingering, aromatic finish this wine is best served at room temperature in winter, or slightly chilled in summer.

The perfect ‘dessert’ to end off a delicious meal with good friends the De Krans Espresso is the perfect winter warmer, available at most retail outlets nationwide and retails for approximately R65 per bottle.

For more information contact the cellar at +27.442133314 or ¦ email De Krans wines are distributed nationally by Wine Worx ¦ tel. +27218869165).

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