Joubert-Tradauw Unplugged62 Blues Concert

Sizzling sounds in the Tradauw Valley
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Make the most of the perfect autumn weather and hit the open road to the breathtaking Tradauw Valley, where the country’s top blues artists will congregate for the Unplugged62 “The finest Blues” concert on Saturday, 27 April on the famous R62.

The star-studded line-up set to perform at the family-owned Tradauw-Joubert Vineyards includes top artists such as Gerald Clark, Rick Stander, Natasha Meister, Schalk Joubert, Simon Orange, Simon van den Linden, Schalk van der Merwe and Tim Rankin.
The concert and al fresco lunch package has already sold out, but limited concert tickets are still available at R180 per person for the concert starting at 18h00. Concert guests can fill up their picnic baskets at the deli, which offers a wide selection of cheese, meats, breads and other delicious delicacies.  Bring your own utensils, glasses, cushion and blanket and spread out on the sweeping lawns. "Come and taste the Klein Karoo...!"

End your evening on a perfect note with a bottle of Joubert-Tradauw wine or try the new Unplugged62 wine pouches. Wine lovers who like to travel and enjoy the outdoors will love the new easy-to-carry Unplugged62 wine in a pouch, which offers the ideal get-up-and-go wine solution. Perfect for any event, to be enjoyed anywhere, any time.

The range offers a Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot in a convenient 1.5 litre pouch, which is light to carry and has a 80% lower carbon footprint than two glass bottles.  In addition, the special foil packaging will keep the wine fresh for up to a month after being opened.

The Unplugged62 is the first product range launched by The Unplugged62 Wine Co - a collaborative effort between Joubert-Tradauw boutique cellar situated on the popular Route 62 and the well-established Boland Cellar.
Concert goers are welcome to camp overnight, but there are limited facilities like mobile toilets and big fires close to the venue. For a more comfortable overnight stay, opt for a nearby bed and breakfast or the popular Barrydale Hotel. Wilma’s mobile coffee shop will sell good coffee, croissants and cappuccino during the concert and Sunday morning at the campsite.

No tickets will be sold on the day - bookings only! For bookings or enquiries please email Beate at or ¦ on +27.823049000.  

For accommodation information, please call +27.285721572¦ For further information, please visit the Unplugged62 website or ¦ Tradauw-Joubert Vineyards website

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