Vinexpo China - Good Platform for International Vintners
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Zhejiang wine market is popular among international vintners. Vinexpo China 2013 is aiming at provide a professional platform for international vintners enter Zhejiang wine market and try its best to help domestic buyers find their favorite wine.

Three reasons for international vintners entering the Zhejiang wine market:

1. Zhejiang Province is a coastal province, the transportation is very convenient. Zhejiang Province leads all provinces in rankings of GDP per capita in both urban and rural areas. Zhejiang has become one of the most commercial and richest provinces in China. The economic heart of Zhejiang centered on Hangzhou, the provincial city of Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is a lively metropolis, citizens enjoy the high-level life and more and more people begin to know imported wine.

2. Though the economy in Zhejiang Province is prosperous, Zhejiang doesn’t have many famous wine brands. In addition, Shaoxing wine and white wine nowadays are not popular among in the wine market. Therefore, it is really good opportunity for imported wine to occupy the Zhejiang wine market.

3. Imported wine gained the popularity also for its own advantages. Nowadays, more and more people are professional in wine. They know much knowledge about wine and pursue high-end wine. Domestic wines can hardly satisfy them. Instead, imported wines with various flavor and abundant history are getting more and more charming.

Foodex China 2013 will be held in Hangzhou World Trade Center, it is organized by and aiming to build in east China a branded B2B tradeshow, which is both professional and international.

One highlight of Foodex China 2013 is the Vinexpo held in the same time.  There will be vintners from more than 20 countries and regions attending Vinexpo bringing with them thousands of imported wines!

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