OBiKWA in fine feather at The Wine Show Joburg
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Fluff up your tail feathers with OBiKWA, the adventurous, everyday range of affordable varietal wines at The Wine Show Joburg taking place in the heart of the concrete jungle’s Sandton Convention Centre from 3 - 5 May 2013.

Unleash your inner ostrich at this vibrant, wine-filled event and remember to swing by OBiKWA for tastings of this easy-drinking, down-to-earth range. With a variety of unpretentious, quality wines OBiKWA is the perfect choice for the everyday wine adventurer.
Life is a journey worth celebrating; so go on stick your neck out and give your taste buds a proper workout!
Be sure to purchase your early bird tickets for The Wine Show Joburg via Computicket at R120 per person, alternatively tickets will be avaiable at the door at R 140. For more information about The Wine Show visit

To follow the OBiKWA tribe, visit or join on Facebook.

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Obikwa Shiraz 2012

100% Shiraz
alc: 13.71  RS: 6.13  pH: 3.61
Colour: Deep burgundy red.Bouquet: Aromas of ripe plums, berries and oak spices with ... read more »