The five key trends driving future wine retailing have digital at heart
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Global wine-drinking habits will continue to shift from pubs and restaurants to drinking at home, according to a comprehensive study by specialist research outfit Wine Intelligence.

The off-trade now accounts for 60% of world wine sales and this trend is expected to accelerate. In the UK, internet sales are the highest in Europe and are expected to increase from 18% (in 2011) to 26% by 2020.

The work, commissioned by wine and spirit exhibition Vinexpo, predicts five key emerging trends that will dominate the off-trade wine environment between now and 2020:

Consumer risk reduction
Stores are classifying wine by taste, type and food matching to reduce mistakes. Mobile apps will help facilitate this.

Wine sellers will look to create a deeper, emotional bond with consumers to build loyalty. This will be through in-store events but digital technology will play a key part through initiatives such as virtual sommeliers. 

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