SA wine producer shines again in China
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Asara 2011 Cape Fusion voted Best in Class at Wine World Best Buy Competition.
Yet another prestigious Chinese wine award was granted to Asara Wine Estate and Hotel when their 2011 Cape Fusion received the Best in Class Award at the Wine World Best Buy Competition in Sial this week.

Earlier this year Asara was awarded the South African Wine Producer of the Year at the CWSA Best Value Awards in China and also received a Top 100 Wine Award for the Carillon, Asara’s newly launched Noble Late Harvest, which is already sold out.

“This award confirms our overall direction for the wines in terms of accessibility, distribution, quality and price,” says Pete Gottgens, General Manager of the Estate. “This is but the start of Asara’s reincarnation journey. Quality of product, transparent business with both our clients and suppliers is of paramount importance to us and we will grow Asara into a wine brand South Africa can be proud of.”

According to winemaker Francois Joubert, the Estate won three wine awards in the past two months – one in each of the new tiers, namely the Classic Collection, Vineyard Collection and Speciality Range. “Its great to see how our new cellar practices are coming together. Since I took over as winemaker in 2009 we’ve been meticulous with our vineyard management and we are proud to see how this, together with hard work in the cellar, is paying off,” he says.

The Sial Wine World show saw over 320 exhibitors from 11 countries including China, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, and Italy.

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