Swallow, Sip, Save: Rosé

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In the name of research, we fill our glasses and get tasting some good 'uns for you.

wine.co.za hosted a bloggers Rosé tasting at the picturesque Asara estate to get feedback on the drink that often gets overlooked. Slated as a girly drink and sometimes avoided by the more expert wine drinkers, it is often regarded as a light tipple without any real gravitas.

However, for some, it is the 'gateway drug', that initial wine that provides newbie wine drinkers with a reason to drink. Therefore, how can you knock it? If Rosé lights the way, shouldn't we give it a round of applause.

Drink them when the weather gets brighter and try out some of our pairing suggestions here

Leave the office behind and soak up some pre-spring sunshine.

Mount Vernon Three Peaks Jean Pierre's Lunch Time Rosé 2011
Provincial style and lovely to boot. A real steal and a wine that had all the tasters won over. the label might have had people sitting on the fence, but the insides, crisp and dry with a hint of cherry, was splendid.

Take the time out to bathe in some spring sunshine and calm your mind.

Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon rose 2012

Oranges, cherry-drops and juciy blackcurrants - it's like a packet of skittles. Fruity and with good acidity make for a real stunner of a wine.

Holden Manz Rose
There is something very unique about this rosé. With its gamey nose and mineral finish, blindfolded, you might be hard-pressed to pick out that it is a rosé.


Break out the crystal glasses and let elegance reign supreme

De Grendel Rose 2012
The colour alone is enough to atone for previous sickly bright gummy hues. A candy floss pink with a beautiful strawberry nose. It's like drinking a fairy.

Hermanuspietersfontein Bloos 2012

A Bordeaux style rosé with a gorgeous colour and an abundant aroma of juicy raspberries and cherries, completed by a light kiss of french oak.

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