Jordan Winter Charity Drive 2013
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Jordan Winter Charity Drive 2013 - Five tonnes of clothing collected – thank you for the overwhelming support.

Fifth year since inception.

The 2013 Jordan Winter Charity Drive, in its 5th year since inception has received incredible support from the Stellenbosch and Western Cape Community. This year we collected just short of 5 Tonnes of clothing, food and blankets. Within days of launching the drive on 4 May, our storeroom was overflowing which resulted in our trucks needing to make a weekly or bi-weekly drop-off of clothing and food to several churches, night shelters and recognized charities in our communities.

We also received generous donations for the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare. Your continued generous support has been heart-warming and a much-needed assistance to the poorer communities who are struggling through a cold Cape winter without adequate warmth and shelter. After 4 months of donations the drive has now come to an end.

Thank you to our community.

As a result of your incredible support for the Jordan Winter Charity Drive, together we have made a difference to many people’s lives. Jordan Wine Estate would like to thank each and everyone one of you who contributed in some way towards this drive, your support is been much appreciated.

If you have any further questions regarding how you can further help to support these communities, or if you want to know exactly where the clothes were distributed, please feel free to contact Louise Genis on or on +27.218813441.

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