Neethlingshof doubles the pleasure in Book Month
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September is Book Month at Neethlingshof and the principle that double life's pleasures, provide more than double the delight, has been applied to their Book Month Facebook competition that carries a weekly wine and book hamper prize for five entrants and a major prize valued at R5 000.

The competition aims to promote a connection between wine and books similar to that enjoyed with wine and food pairing. 
Every week Neethlingshof uploads a video on their Facebook page, in which they pair one of their wines with a South African author or book. Page visitors are invited to answer a question about the clip and enter the competition for a chance to win a weekly wine and book hamper. All entries are automatically entered into a major prize draw for 'The Ultimate Wine and Book lover's hamper' at the end of the competition - 18 September.
The first clip paired Neethlingshof's Pinotage with author Deon Meyer whose unique South African origins make them a perfect pair.
Books have become a major theme at Neethlingshof and in recognition of the Estate's rich heritage and the many stories of events in its long history, a range of wines called The Short Story Collection has been created, each with a tale related to the Estate.
"The book and wine pairing competition with its grand prize of a Gobi e-reader, R1 000 book voucher, book light and a case of Neethlingshof Cabernet Sauvignon, affirms Neethlingshof's move to promote pleasure in books and wine," says Neethlingshof brand manager Global Marketing Manager Anabelle Fouché.

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