Du Toitskloof Wines is the official wine sponsor of kykNET's Kokkedoor
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Du Toitskloof Wines, one of the country’s most popular wine brands known for its exceptional quality at affordable prices, is the official wine sponsor of the next three series of kykNET’s popular Kokkedoor cooking programme.

The reality show sees amateur and qualified chefs pair in teams cooking a combination of traditional and new recipes in a highly entertaining yet fiercely competitive competition. Filming for the second series started last week in the picturesque Karoo town of Prince Albert.

The tightly contested first series started in April and ran for 13 weeks. Some 20 contestants battled it out to see who would become South Africa’s first Kokkedoor. The winners get a substantial cash prize and the opportunity to publish their own cook book.

Marius Louw, CEO of Du Toitskloof Wines, said the winery was delighted to be associated with the series. “The programme embraces a very similar philosophy to wine and food and how we see our wines enjoyed. The contestants and recipes are so easy to identify with and one gets a sense of interaction from the viewing public.

“In the more than 50 years since the start of the winery we have always wanted to make wines that could be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and especially in the presence of good food and great company. South Africans love to entertain and to hand down recipes from one generation to the next. That’s part of our culture. And our best entertaining is around the kitchen table or the braai, spending time with family and friends. Kokkedoor encapsulates much of this culture and we are extremely pleased to be part of it.”

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