Rosa Kruger

Nico Spreeth

Stephan Joubert

Eben Sadie

Braham Oberholzer

Cape Wine Wednesday Seminar: Listening to the Landscape: Meet the Speakers

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An update on the latest research, a review of South Africa’s soil types, and the discovery of old and new vineyard sites. This will be followed by a focus on new viticulture practices and the introduction of new plant materials.

Date: Wed 16th Sept at Cape Wine 2015

Venue: Room 2.41 – 2.43
Date: Wed 16 Sept 2015
Time: 9h30 – 10h30

Rosa Kruger, Viticulturist


Nico Spreeth, CEO of Vititec
Stephan Joubert, DGB Group Viticulturist
Eben Sadie, Winemaker
Braham Oberholzer

Speaker Profiles

Rosa Kruger

Rosa Kruger is a vineyard manager who is passionate about the preservation of the old vineyards of South Africa. She has traveled extensively over the last 15 years to some of the best vineyards (and tasting their wines) in the world. Rosa works closely with various winemakers in matching variety to site. She then also manages these vineyards in close relationship with the farmers of the land.

Nico Spreeth

CEO of Vititec (Pty) Ltd

Stephan Joubert

As DGB group viticulturist Stephan Joubert is responsible for ensuring the award winning winemaking team is supplied with grapes of exceptional quality. In managing all grower relations and grape buying throughout the Western Cape, he is accountable for all logistics of grape intake ensuring all the grapes are picked at optimum ripeness.

“My focus is to manage wine flavour in the vineyard and then to focus my expertise on understanding all the terroir influences so that I can source the best grapes from South Africa’s best vineyards. They say wine ‘is made in the vineyard’ and getting to work with grapes from great sites across the Western Cape is an absolute privilege.” 

Eben Sadie

I have been producing wines since 1994 and intent to do so for quite some time still. Owner and producer of the Sadie Family Wines in the Swartland region. Policy: The land we farm today we are borrowing from our children. 

Braham Oberholzer 

He started his career in the Department of Agriculture as soil science researcher in 1990 where he obtained a Masters degree in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at the University of Pretoria. He joined the Elsenburg Agricultural College near Stellenbosch in 1997 as soil science and environmental lecturer up to 2004 when he joined VinPro.

Braham’s attention and studies over the years were focused on surveying soils, the nutritional management thereof as well as evaluating soil preparations, which he considers as one of the most critical viticultural practices for sustainable / profitable winegrowing. With Winetech funding he also published Soil Association books called Catena for 5 mayor viticultural areas in the Western Cape.


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