Zevenwacht Estate: History

Steeped in tradition, Zevenwacht dates back to 1688 when the farm Langverwacht was granted to a French Huguenot wine farmer, Jeanne le Roux De Normandie. In 1799 the land adjoining, known as Zevenfontein and traditionally used for grazing, was granted to Daniel Bosman.

Both farms became the property of Petrus Hiebner in 1799. Hiebnier built the Manor House in 1800 which is a historical monument today.

In 1825 the first wine was made from some 55 000 vines.

In 1829 Pieter de Wall purchased Langverwacht and later also Zevenfontein. Both properties were purchased and farmed by de Waal’s son, Adriaan, until 1903 when they were sold to a mining syndicate following the discovery of tin on Langverwacht.

By 1918 mining operations ceased when insufficient value could be realised from the mines, and the land was restored to farming.

In 1980 Langverwacht and Zevenfontein were combined and named Zevenwacht.

In 1982 the Zevenwacht Cellar was built and produced its own wine for the first time in 1983.



Zevenwacht Wine Estate

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