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Aaldering Estate Lady M 2016

Technical Analysis
Dustin Osborne
Main Variety
14.5 %vol
2.0 g/l
5.3 g/l
58 mg/l
43 mg/l

Tasting Notes

Pinotage at its purist, is portrayed in this beautifully crafted wine. Initialnotes of Mulberries, raspberries and Bing cherries are evident and are backed up with some cinnamon and spice. The palate is clean, freshand elegant with underlying nuances of plum pudding and silky tannins. Lady M is named after Marianne Aaldering, who was the deciding voice to bottle this wine purely on its beautiful fruit spectrum.

Ageing Potential

A red wine made to enjoy right now. Bottled with a DIAM cork closure, in order to ensure freshness.

Blend Information

100% Pinotage

Food Suggestions

Pintxos, chorizo, red meat cuts, hot curries, aubergine, Indian and Oriental spices.

In The Vineyard

Clone: PI48A  
Soil: Decomposed Granite (Hutton, Clovelly Soils)
Rootstock: Richter 99
Orientation: South East Facing
Planted: 1998
Altitude: 110-160m above sea level
Hectare: 4.37 ha

As per 2014 vintage, our wines are offically qualified as “Estate Wines”. The grapes that were used in our winery are grown exclusively in our very own vineyards in Devon Valley, Aalderingestate. The Pinotage this year was harvested a full 8 days later than it was last year, mainly due to cooler growing season and also picking season. The first batch of Pinotage arrived at the cellar on the 21st of February. The first day’s harvest was destemmed, crushed, put through a mash cooler and was then coldsoaked for 4 days, so without fermentation being started. This will impart a lighter and fresher structured fruit, as well as more stable colour. Consequent harvests were not cooled and directly inoculated for a darker fruit profile. 

About The Harvest

This top quality Pinotage crop was harvested over 4 different days.

In The Cellar

All wines were subjected to pumpovers 6 times daily, and as long as 1.5 hours initially for maximum fruit extraction. The wine was aged 7 months on gross lees, in stainless steel tanks and underwent natural malolacticfermentation. We served this ‘raw’ wine during the ‘After Cape Wine Braai 2012’ which we hosted for 50 wine professionals in our new winecellar. The taste of this zesty Pinotage accompanied with great French and Dutch cheeses was exquisite, hence the idea was born to bottle part of this wine as anun wooded Pinotage while the rest of the production was taken to French oak barrels for the classic Aaldering Pinotage. In Consequent years the demand for this wine has risen drastically. Only a coarse filtration was applied before bottling.

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Aaldering Estate Lady M 2016 Dustin Osborne Pinotage
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