Rawsonville: Breedekloof Wine Route

Du Toitskloof Wine Cellar is a member of the Breedekloof Wine Route, South Africa's youngest wine route.

Du Toitskloof Wine Cellar is a member of the Breedekloof Wine Route, South Africa's youngest. The Breedekloof area encompasses the western Breede River Valley and is only 90 km east-north-east of Cape Town. The region was born when the valley was divided into western and eastern halves, as our climate has more in common with Paarl, than the drier eastern flanks of the valley.

Pieter du Toit, a descendant of the French Huguenots that arrived at the Cape in 1688, established a cattle post in the Breede River Valley area in 1716 and lent his name to the pass and our mountain range namesake. The district was and still remains known as Goudini, which is derived from the Khoi-San word meaning "wild honey". Rawsonville was founded in 1859 as a village, due to Breede River winter flooding cutting the western valley off from Worcester. It was named after William Rawson, the Cape colonial secretary. The Cape's Huguenot wine-making heritage and the Khoi-San's harmony with nature, has created a perfect blend of fine wine and outdoor adventure.

The Breedekloof Wine Route is a haven for adventurous spirits in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush, those on a journey to discover nature's beautiful scenery, or those simply looking for that perfect bottle of wine. Activities include trout fishing, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, horse riding, bird-watching and 4x4 trails.

Visit the Breedekloof tourism website www.breedekloof.com for more information on accommodations, activities, eateries and getting around.

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