Vineyards on De Wetshof

Experience the roots of De Wetshof with a taste of Burgundy
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For wine-makers it is a known fact that wine is made in the vineyard. De Wetshof Estate will be giving wine-lovers an insight into this vital aspect of wine-making and the importance of vineyard-specific wine production as well as a tasting of various wines during this year’s Robertson Wine Valley’s Hands on Harvest being held from 22 to 24 February.

Guests will be given a guided tour of the pioneering De Wetshof winery before embarking on a vineyard tractor ride to a vantage point from where De Wetshof’s various vineyards can be viewed. After the tour marketers Johann de Wet and Bennie Stipp will present a tasting of De Wetshof’s award-winning wines along with examples of Chardonnays from Burgundy, the ancestral home of this noble white variety. The tasting will be followed with locally produced refreshments.

The tours of De Wetshof will be held on Friday, 22 February at 14h00 and on Saturday, 23 February at 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00. Due to the personal and attentive nature of the experience, only 15 people can be accommodated on each trip. The cost is R50, which includes the wine tasting and home-made refreshments.

For more info and bookings, contact Mariliese Swiegers at De Wetshof on or telephone +27.236151853.

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