Guy Webber, winemaker at Hill & Dale - ready to be challenged

Winemakers MTB Challenge
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The Anna Foundation has invited winemakers throughout the Boland and further afield to step out of the cellar and compete against one another on a bicycle in the 2013 Winemaker’s MTB Challenge.

After months of harvesting, winemakers will be required to replace their gumboots with a cycling helmet and complete a 20km off-road mountain bike route through the farm roads of Solms-Delta and surrounds on 21 April 2013. “We thought it would be great to get all our talented winemakers out of the cellar after a busy harvest and into a different playing field for some well-deserved fun!” says the Anna Foundation. 

“Some of the farms feel that there will strength in numbers and have entered their assistant winemakers and colleagues as ‘side-kicks’ to support, or challenge the winemaker! We even have Raphael Dornier, owner of Dornier Wines taking the other winemakers on!”.

The Winemaker’s MTB Challenge is being run in conjunction with the Delta Trap at Solms-Delta on 21 April. You can root for your favourite winemaker on the Anna Foundation Facebook events page or come along on the day to cheer for your favourite Estate. 

For more information or for late winemaker entries email 

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