Hartenberg Merlot 2009

Latest Hartenberg Merlot already topping the charts in the USA
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Bang for your buck is what you can expect from Hartenberg’s latest 2009 Estate Merlot just released, if the 91 point rating from the Wine Advocate’s eRobertParker.com in the USA is anything to go by.

Impressed by the ability of Hartenberg winemaker Carl Shultz to work with what he describes as a notoriously difficult varietal, wine commentator Neal Martin says in his report on South African wines: "Kudos for getting a deceptively tricky variety bang on the money".

Carl who celebrates his 20th harvest at Hartenberg Estate this year, knows just how to harness the very best from Hartenberg’s terroir and micro climates. By ageing his wines in the estate’s impressive underground maturation cellar, the wines are able to reach their full potential prior to release.

Silky and elegant, the Hartenberg Estate Merlot 2009 wows with rich black and red fruit aromas complemented by lasting flavours of vanilla and orchards of plum on the palate. As the ideal accompaniment to chilly winter evenings, this wine is best enjoyed with succulent game, lamb and beef dishes.

The Hartenberg Merlot 2009 sells at the cellar door for R125 a bottle and is available at select boutique wine stores and fine dining restaurants.

Hartenberg Estate is situated on the Bottelary Road off the R304 to Stellenbosch. For more information, call Tel: (+27)21-8652541, Email: info@hartenbergestate.com or visit www.hartenbergestate.com

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