KWV ranks amongst Drinks International’s World’s Most Admired Wine Brands
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KWV, a much-loved stalwart of the South African wine industry, has been nominated at #35 of the 50 most admired wine brands in the world, according to Drinks International, and highest ranked amongst all South African wines.

In its third year, the Drinks International World’s Most Admired Wine Brands is looked to by consumers and industry alike as a true barometer of which global wine brands to watch.  Sixty judges chosen from a global wine community are asked to consider relevance to market, pricing, year on year growth and improvement, and if the wine represents its region well.

The judging panel is, as before, made up of Wine Masters, wine writers, winemakers, buyers, analysts and educators.  This year a more concerted effort was made to include educators focused on Asia, since this market has become so impactful on the global wine industry due to its massive recent growth.

Johann Fourie. Chief Winemaker at KWV: “Being included on a list of this calibre of this one is such a huge achievement, and especially to be ranked at the top of the South African wines.  We are extremely proud of our heritage and home, South Africa, and for this to be recognised by such an esteemed panel of international wine critics is extremely rewarding.”

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