Get a caffeine kick with new coffee menu at Le Venue
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With weather like this, it's difficult to feel inspired. Helping you to put a spring in your step, The House of J.C Le Roux have outdone themselves again by offering you a delicious caffeine fix with their brand new coffee menu at Le Venue.

Each irresistible cup comes with a sweet treat - the perfect combo to combat the last of the winter chill. Coffee lovers can spoil themselves with marshmallow Brûlée cappuccino with mini pink and white marshmallows or be seduced by a vanilla cappuccino with a mini cream cone. Get a double nutty dose with the hazelnut cappuccino and hazelnut wafer, or sip on a ginger biscuit cappuccino with an extra ginger snap.

For tea devotees (like myself), a spicy chai tea or delicious red cappuccino, served with a red velvet chocolate brownie, is a perfect match.

And for an even more indulgent treat, don’t miss out on Le Venue’s mouth-watering twist to everyone’s ultimate winter favourite, hot chocolate. Choose between white hot chocolate served with a white chocolate and nougat biscotti, or caramel fudge hot chocolate served with a caramel fudge brownie. How can you possibly say no?

The new coffee menu experiences at Le Venue will be available until the end of October.

Open seven days a week, The House of J.C. le Roux offers bubbly lovers a wide selection of sparkling wines to taste and purchase, including the award winning flagship, Scintilla 2003, the youthful, refreshing Brut Méthode Cap Classique and the crisp, lively Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic.

Phone the restaurant on 021 865 8222 or send email to Le Venue is open from 09h00 till 16h00 with breakfast served between 09h00 and 11h00 and lunch from 12h00 till 15h00. Visit, or follow @LeGoodLife on Twitter.

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