Wayne Rooney Is Criticised For Drinking £2,000 Bottle Of Wine With His Birthday Cake
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Football star Wayne Rooney might know his football but when it comes to wines, the Manchester United striker knows very little - according to experts.

Wayne was treated to a £2,000 bottle of Château Petrus on his birthday by wife Coleen.

But the dad-of-two, who turned 28 on Thursday, was criticised by wine experts after he used it to wash down his birthday cake!

The critics say Château Petrus, one of the world's most distinguished wines, is supposed to be an accompaniment to red meat - and drinking it with cake, according to them is a "waste of money".

The green football pitch cake bought by Coleen, 27, had models of their sons Kai, three and five-month-old Klay standing next to Wayne, all wearing Manchester United tops.

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