America's Most-Searched-For Grape Varieties
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Bordeaux blends and cabernet are in demand!

Red Bordeaux blends are the most searched-for wines in the U.S., accounting for more than one in five searches on Wine-Searcher.

Out of two million-plus searches during September 2013, more than 420,000 searches, equivalent to 22 percent, were targeted at cabernet and merlot-based blends. As a varietal wine, cabernet sauvignon is the most popular of the five Bordeaux varieties. And when the analysis of searches is narrowed to wines over $50, the dominance of cabernet and Bordeaux-style blends becomes even more pronounced.

Martin Brown, CEO of Wine-Searcher, explains: “Wine-Searcher is used as a price comparison tool by consumers and the trade alike, and many of the most-searched-for wines on the site are Bordeaux first growths, cult Napa cabernets and rare Burgundy pinots.”

The dominance of Bordeaux blends and cabernet sauvignon in the online retail sector is backed up by American web retailer’s 2012 dollar sales, which put cabernet sauvignon and Bordeaux blends as the two most popular wine sales categories. They represent an even greater proportion of value sales than the search results suggested, with the pair accounting for 43.4 percent of all money spent.

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